« Detach yourself from your spirit and embark upon a journey into your soul. »

Simone Urbanietz-Preiss is an artist based in Germany whose paintings have been featured in solo and group exhibitions nationally. She describes all of her pieces as being based on emotions and as a journey into her heart. Urbanietz-Preiss's vibrant and distinctive abstractions are most often created using acrylics, oils, and gilding on canvas with sponges, spatulas, and structural pastes.


Solo exhibitions


Eine Reise zur dir selbst / NEPOMUK - Reutlingen, Germany


Eine Reise ins Glück / Kaffeehäusle - Reutlingen, Germany


Seelenspiegel / Reutlingen - Reutlingen, Germany

Group exhibitions


Frühlingserwachen / KunstQuartier - Leonberg, Germany


Regenbogen der Kunst / Villa Eugenia - Hechingen, Germany

Her artworks hang with private collectors in Germany, Austria, Spain, France, England, Portugal and the United Arab Emirates.

Member --> GEDOK Reutlingen Gemeinschaft der Künstlerinnen und Kunstfördernden e.V.