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Original artwork "Unsteady

· 70 cm x 50 cm

· 2cm deep gallery canvas framed in shadow gap frame

· mixed media

· Year of manufacture 2021

The artwork is signed and shipped with a certificate of authenticity.

The artwork has a hanging attached to the frame.

"The gentle breeze touches my nose, the wind blows my hair into my face. A light summer warmth fills my soul. So beautifully soft and warm. At this moment, everything seems perfect. I stop and look into the distance. The weather is warm but not too hot. The evening sun gives off a feeling of well-being. The mountains, I see them. The sun shines on their peaks. I feel the freedom they radiate. The world stops for this one short moment when everything is so incredibly perfect.

Life does not stop. Most of the time it is not as constant as you or I would like it to be. I enjoy these moments and take them with me. Every single one as intensively as I can. You can get involved with it. Then nothing stands in your way for your life in mindfulness. I go on, accept life in all its fullness. As it is. Breathe in and breathe out. Hold the moment for a brief moment. That is happiness, a brief little moment of happiness."