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Original Kunstwerk "Demons"

  • 100 cm x 100 cm
  • 4 cm tiefe Galerieleinwand
  • Acrylfarben
  • Herstellungsjahr 2022

Das Kunstwerk ist signiert und wird mit einem Echtheitszertifikat versandt.

Das Kunstwerk hat eine Aufhängung am Rahmen befestigt.

".....Never cautious never patient

Never took my time with love

Never learn how to say shit

Always leave before the storm

And I run away, you won't feel a thing

You won't feel a thing When I disappear,

you won't even hear How my heart is breaking

So baby, tear me up in pieces I don't need a reason,

I don't need a reason

Only in it for the whirlwind

Feed it to my demons

Feed it to my demons Baby,

take my bleeding heart and save it from the freezing,

save it from the freeze I don't need a deeper meaning

Just feed it to my demons....."

Demons (Jerro)